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Reading: The Shock Doctrine and its critics

First of all, let me just say I’m not a Kleinite: I find her fighting on nominally the same side as me in a number of issues, but she’s often making more damage than good, simply by missing the goal. Like Michael Moore, she’s a bit too liberal in her handling of her sources.

Not done with the book yet, so I’m not going to pass final judgement. Been reading Johan Norberg’s critique of the book, and I agree with him in that Klein has, indeed, used her sources in what I might call “a creative manner”.

On the other hand, I don’t really trust Norberg, either. His neoliberal bias shines through, and his definitions of “freedom” lets him refer to sources that measure it in a way I don’t really agree with. Klein argues that opression is needed for liberalization of the echonomy. I argue that people are basically malleable, and that liberalization of the echonomy breeds a kind of opression that doesn’t show up in the graphs of Freedom House.

More later.

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