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Transformers 2: Defending my position

I’ve stated, in the past, that I think Transformers 2 is kind of an OK film. In fact, more than OK – I’ve given it a 4 out of 5 on several occasions. Which has made some people question my judgement… I just watched it agsin, for the second time, this time in the comforts of my own living room…

I mean, I do understand where they’re coming from. There are a lot of things I don’t like about the movie – but it’s not all bad, and the end result, to me, just feels more good than bad – the good stuff is, I think, really, really good. But, let’s do a tally:


Character designs. Except from a few select characters, everything looks bloody amazing. I really enjoy the modernization of most characters, and I’m enough of a transfan to get a rise out of seeing Arcee or any of the others, even if it’s just for a shot or two.

Action scenes. Say what you will about Michael Bay, but the man knows how to blow shit up. He has made gigantic robots transform and beat eachother up, and it’s more or less photorealistic. It’s very, very believable, and beautiful.

Shockwave is in it. Seriously, I love soundwave, always have.

Plot stuff borrowed from the old comics and cartoons. Megatrons plot to convert the sun into energon is… well, it’s one of the very first plots of the original cartoon. Reviving Prime using the Matrix is another nod to cartoon/comic history. Ravage shooting out of Soundwave. Using Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime. Including combiners (Optimus + Starscream, Constructicons). All these little things, just showing that someone in the creative team behind this movie has at least read the source material. From what I hear, the guys as Hasbro were pretty involved, so kudos to them.

The cast. Despite some scripting problems, I actually thing everyone performs really well. Megan Fox has it worst, as her character is mostly crap, but they all hold up pretty well.

The pacing. The first time I saw the film, it felt like it went too fast. This time around, I found myself liking that they kept a brisk pace. it’s not a deep, meaningful drama about finding yourself and happiness — it’s a thrill ride, an amusement park, it’s gigantic robots FIGHTING EACHOTHER and TRANSFORMING. It’s never, ever boring.

Effects, in general. Stuff being blown up, destroyed, transforming, whatever – the guys at ILM know what they’re doing. It’s often hard to see what’s CG and what isn’t. Regardless, it all looks stunning.


Bodily functions. Robots shouldn’t fart, or drool. This is just pathetic. Attempts at really cheap humor. Apparently we have Michael Bay to “thank” for these additions to the script.

Jetfire. I actually liked Jetfire in the original comic. Jetfire in the movie is a comic relief, a bad joke. No dignity whatsoever. Another fine thing Michael apparently kept pushing for.

Every Damn Cute Robot. Wheelie, the kitchen droids, etc. Just… no. More comicy gimmicks. Michael Bay liked these too.

The Twins. Even ignoring the awfully racist portrayal, their entire existance is a joke, and a bad one at that. I’m not even going to qualify this; they ruin ever shot they’re in. I was genuinely sad when Devastator failed to eat them.

Megan Fox’s character. I mean, I know this is a “guy movie” or whatever, but seriously, would it have hurt to not give Megan a fucking softcore porn star to play? The character is crap, possibly written by someone who just doesn’t know a lot of women. Or maybe just knows the wrong kind, whatever. The feminist in me screams bloody murder every time she’s on screen.

Balls. Devastator has fucking balls.

Military jerking off. Michael Bay sure loves him some military action. But hey, it’s OK. At least it’s fairly realistic… He’s done his research.

So… Well, yeah. There are alot of bad stuff, but a lot of good stuff, too. You can’t focus on just the negative. Even the parents arent’t that bad, really. An acquired taste. Or maybe it’s just taht I don’t mind humans as comic reliefs…


  1. Kristian Kristian June 9, 2011

    Sorry for being a “know-it-all” but I guess you mean Soundwave, not Shockwave 😛

    • krank krank September 7, 2011

      Fixed it =)

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