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iPod, again: Upgrading to 4.02

I’m currently in the process of upgrading my iPod Touch 2nd generation to IOS 4.02. It’s a tiresome process.

First, iTunes 10 works in Virtualbox’ed Windows XP. yay! On the other hand, Apple’s nonstandard USB handling doesn’t work well with it, so once the iPod goes into recovery mode, it can’t be connected. Thus I needed to boot into Win7 to complete the process.

I copied all my apps and my backups (since I actually knew where Apple had hidden them) to a network drive and rebooted. Put the backup dirs and the apps where they should be. Restored from backup. Wait, backup doesn’t include remembering which apps I had installed in the iPod? Crap.

Reboot into Ubuntu and the Virtualbox’ed XP. Restore from backup. Sync all the apps I had installed last time. Sort them all into categories.

My issues:

  • iTunes won’t tell me where the hell my backups are.
  • iTunes won’t tell me what my backups include, and don’t include.
  • Syncing with a new computer messes up the order and organization of my app icons. So each time I need to sync the device with a new computer, I need to transfer purchases, backup, sync, restore from backup. Yeah, that’s really user-friendly.

But then again, I already knew this: I am not a typical consumer. I care “too much” about backups and things like that and I am naive in thinking this Apple piece of technology should “just work” when it comes to connecting and syncing to multiple computers.

I get that me messing around with virtualBox messes things up. I mean, it’s mostly because Apple won’t use standard USB protocols, but I get that “compatibility with VirtualBox” isn’t really something they claim the device should be able to do. that’s all on me. But c’mon, not being able to sync with multiple computers without messing up? How is that a “power user” feature?

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