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Category: howtos

Rtorrent magic: Moving finished torrents based on labels

So… I’ve been using rtorrent as my main torrent client for a couple of years now. I have it running on my server and I’m usually adding torrents either by placing them in a watchdir or by adding them through a web interface (rutorrent, in case you’re wondering).

One of the things I’ve always wanted was to have rtorrent handle multiple categories. I wanted games I downloaded to go into a “games” directory, comics into a “comics” directory, and so on. I’ve been looking for solutions for a few years now, and all I’ve found online are people in the same boat. So today I decided to spend a few hours experimenting… And this is the result.

Modifying URLs: Marvel Digital Comics

I like experimenting with things, and one of the simplest ways to experiment with something online is to edit URL’s. Sometimes changing a URL can give access to new functions or content, or just enhance your bookmarks or how you use a certain site.

It occurred to me that most people probably do not know how URLs work, or how to do experiments with them… So here’s an example: The Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited web interface.

Apple Trailers solved – kind of

Let no man tell you that Apple isn’t evil. Apple is every bit as monopolistic and fucking-bastardly as Microsoft – and this Quicktime shenanegans is just the last part of a long saga. Remember when installing or updating Quicktime suddenly automagically meant also installing their crappy webbrowser Safari in windows? Yeah. Remember how Itunes, until enough of us complained, was riddled with DRM? Yeah.

Tried watching Apple Trailers on Linux?