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Nerdiest yet: Comparison between TFG1 reprints

As you might have noticed by now, if you’ve been here before, I am a bit of a nerd. Oh really? Yes, really. One of the things that make me a nerd is my somethines slightly-more-than-healthy interest in large robots, particularly of the transforming kind. I’ve been a Transformers fan for as long as I can remember. Owned a lot of the toys and all the comic books (in Swedish).

Well, it turns out a lot of other people really liked Transformers too. And now we’re all grown up. OK, perhaps not completely grown up – as you might have surmised from the aforementioned unabated interest in robots that transform – but grown up enough to have Real Jobs and a Steady Income. And of course, some of us then decide we want to revisit the same comic books, and toys etc, that we enjoyed when we were younger.

And this brings us to the subject of this post: I’ve been trying to figure out which of the various reprints of the original (American) G1 comic is the best. At first I tried using the powers of teh Internets, but I didn’t find the information I needed to make a decision. The Decision is, of course, which of these reprint series I’m going to complete. Mixing them won’t work, since they split the original comic in different ways. And besides, I really like the uniform look of multiple albums of the same series in my bookcase.

So, I bought the first album of each series, and can now make an honest comparison. And of course I felt like I needed to share, so here goes: my quick and dirty look at the first volume of the three reprints of The Transformers, Generation 1.

All three covers of G1 reprints
All three covers