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iPod/iTunes annoyances pt. 2 – small addition

#10. No shared file area, no file system access. Seriously, Apple, wtf? I know you want us to believe noone needs to access or use the computer’s actual file system anymore, instead you want us to rely on indexing and tagging, and flat motherfucking file structures. Like your hog, Itunes.

Anyways, I’m not ready to go back to your “golden days” of the Macintosh File System. Just so you get what I’m trying to say here, the MFS was Apple’s first file system, used in early Mac OS. It was non-hierarchal, or rather, it supported exactly one level of folders. This is how they want us to treat our computers in 2009: By crippling them, going back to 1984 – which, you know, is kind of fitting given that year’s political connotations. Combined with #5 (No Multitasking), which of course was a stand-out feature of good old Windows 1, 2 and 3.x… Well, it seems Apple are tryint to drag us into the future facing ass-backwards. Seriously, you fucks!

So… Why is the lack of common file area and file system access a bad thing? Well… Let’s say I find a PDF on the web. I can view it kind of OK in Safari – but I can’t save it. If I’m offline, I can’t access the file. Can I download it? Nope. Why? Because I have no file system access. Can I view the same PDF with another PDF viewer, one with a bit more bells and whistles? Nope. I can’t access the files created or used by one app in another app. If I’ve loaded a PDF into the iPod Touch by using Folders, I can’t access that file from PDF Expert. There’s no shared file area. Each piece of software has access to its own little private area, and that’s it.

And sorry, Apple, but that just fucking sucks. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it sucks wet, hairy donkeyballs.

But of course, as we all know, freedom is slavery.

#11. Bluetooth limited. OK, when 3.0 came out, people discovered the iPod Touch has bluetooth. Big whoop, since you can’t do much with it. It has A2DP support (audio sending, for instance sending music to bluetooth enabled speakers), AVRC (for using it as a remote), and PAN (Personal Area Networking). No support for wireless headets, no support for stuff like keyboards etc. Once again, Apple limits the appeal of their product by forcing all users to accept arbitrary limits.

What Apple have here, is possibly the greatest, sweetest machine I’ve come across – aside from battery life and temperature resistance, obviously – and they’ve ruined 90% of its potential by making up bullshit limitations that just makes the machine fail to live up to its full potential. The iPod Touch is a cripple, pure and simple – and the problem is APple’s software, not the hardware.

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