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Ipod Touch – annoyance, pt. 15

My iPod Touch has dust under its glass. Yup. It sure has. How did it get there? Well, I imagine it was somewhere where there might be dust – such as a pocket. I imagine that I am not alone in placing my Touch in a pocket.

Also, I guess, the touch has at least one hole, somewhere, where dust can get in. Perhaps it’s that glaringly open USB port? perhaps it is.

Is it possible to remove the dust? Probably not. At least not for me, the consumer. As someone who has purchased an Apple product, I’ve already waved all my rights as a consumer. The iPod can only be “repaired” by Apple.

Only by Apple? Yes. And if there’s no warranty? If I bought the item on E-bay and the seller didn’t include the reciept, despite promising to do so? Well, then you’re fucked. You may spend the same amount a new iPod Touch would cost, and they’ll give you a new one. Yes, this is the same as just buying a Goddamn new one. This is not “service”.

You can attempt to remove the dust yourself. You will probably fail. Apple has decided that you don’t ever need to replace the glass or even open the device. Therefore, they’ve made it nigh-f**ing-impossible to do so. Especially without proper tools. You’ll probably break the glass.

And then you’re fucked.

Do I like this?

No, I don’t.

Will I buy anything from Apple again?

Probably not.

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