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Month: October 2011

The hunt for something to write in

I’m a software snob. I admit it. I can’t be like everyone else and just write everything in Word or even OpenOffice Writer… No, I have to be special. I have to set my standards so high that apparently there are no applications out there, apparently, that fit my criteria.

And so I’m stuck. I find myself not writing, simply because I don’t have the energy to move everything to a new format later. So to save time and energy, I’m doing nothing – or rather, I’m wasting a lot of time and energy on nothing.

Second chances

I’m all for second chances. And third, and fouth. I decided yesterday to give Ubuntu 11.10 another chance. I uninstalled the open-terminal addon, and replaced it with a script doing the exact same thing. I also installed gnome-shell; Unity and I probably won’t ever be friends. The graphical style is too cartoony, and I have a strong dislike for the weak graphical representation of which applications are currently running (a small glowing triangle on the side just isn’t enough).

Ubuntu 11.10 – I felt like destroying something beautiful

I updated my main desktop computer to Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday. Today, I’m reinstalling 11.04.

First of all, Unity. To say I’m not very fond of the road both Unuty/Ubuntu and Gnome teams are travelling right now is an understatement. They’re both moving away from clear menu-driven systems and towards some sort of misguided attempt at making things “easier” for the “common user” by obscuring applications and settings. I like well-behaving search-based launchers as much as the next guy, but I also like neat ordering and clear hierarchal categories.