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Month: October 2011

The hunt for something to write in

I’m a software snob. I admit it. I can’t be like everyone else and just write everything in Word or even OpenOffice Writer… No, I have to be special. I have to set my standards so high that apparently there are no applications out there, apparently, that fit my criteria.

And so I’m stuck. I find myself not writing, simply because I don’t have the energy to move everything to a new format later. So to save time and energy, I’m doing nothing – or rather, I’m wasting a lot of time and energy on nothing.

Cyanogenmod 7.1 on Nook Color

So… I’ve been using my Nook Color primarily as a PDF reader, using the stock Barnes & Noble OS… Rooted, of course, and with the Marked added, and so forth. Recently, it began feeling sluggish and a bit unpredictable, so I was contemplating just doing a complete wipe/factory restore and restore the original OS and then re-rooting it. Apparently, the process is now much smoother and the market installed by the manual nooter is apparently much more up-to-date than it was when I first rooted the device. That really appealed to me, since one of the things that had really begun bothering me was the limited number of apps available to me through the Market.

Second chances

I’m all for second chances. And third, and fouth. I decided yesterday to give Ubuntu 11.10 another chance. I uninstalled the open-terminal addon, and replaced it with a script doing the exact same thing. I also installed gnome-shell; Unity and I probably won’t ever be friends. The graphical style is too cartoony, and I have a strong dislike for the weak graphical representation of which applications are currently running (a small glowing triangle on the side just isn’t enough).

Ubuntu 11.10 – I felt like destroying something beautiful

I updated my main desktop computer to Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday. Today, I’m reinstalling 11.04.

First of all, Unity. To say I’m not very fond of the road both Unuty/Ubuntu and Gnome teams are travelling right now is an understatement. They’re both moving away from clear menu-driven systems and towards some sort of misguided attempt at making things “easier” for the “common user” by obscuring applications and settings. I like well-behaving search-based launchers as much as the next guy, but I also like neat ordering and clear hierarchal categories.