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Month: August 2007

More Minkata

Hrrm. Did the last two parts today. Got my stone ring. Hooray for me. There were some difficulties along the way – such as me having missed the fact that if the absolute coordinates are both in the negative, one must ass 180 degrees to the resulting polar coordinate. I spent an hour figuring that one out – my sketches claimed I should go around 210-220 degrees, but my trusty OpenOffice Cals sheet claimed 32. 180 added to 32 is 212m which was right on the money.

Keyboard jockeys and guitar heroes

Found Frets on Fire a while ago, and loved it. Guitar Hero using a keyboard as a guitar? Incredibly nerdy, and I loved it. My old keyboard, already old and worn, was chucked for a new one which has the functions keys closer togeather (as F1-5 are used extensively in FoF). Logitech Ultra-Flat is a really neat keyboard. No flashing gadgetry or idiotic multimedia keys or whatever the heck people seem to find necessary in a friggin’ keyboard nowadays.

Uru – Minkata progress

Discovered Minkata a while back, but didn’t have the time to complete it. In fact, when I returned to the Cavern a few days ago, I were no less than five Ages behind. Er’cana still had its mysteries, Minkata’s desert was unexplored, I had played no games in Jalak Dador, and I had still not gotten a crew together for Delin or Tsogal.