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Prepare for a bumpy ride…

Having become fed up with the memoryhog that is the Apache webserver, I’ve begun looking at alternatives. The one standing out at the moment is Lighttpd . Youtube, Wikipedia and other large sites use it, from what I undernstand – and it’s extremely minimalistic and efficient, saving memory and system resources. Those of you who know me known that A) I tend to switch software pretty often, seemingly just because I like trying out new software, and B) that I’m a die-hard minimalist, especially when it comes to system resources. I run Blackbox, for crying out loud.

Anyways, Lighttpd seems like a great fit. However, I know next to nothing about how it actually works… Over the past years I’ve come to know at least enough of Apache to make me a passable webmaster, but Lighttpd is a strange beast. It’s all greek to me. And there, perhaps, lie part of what attracts me – I thoroughly enjoy fiddling around with new systems and new software, tweaking and modding until I’ve mastered whatever-it-is.

Just to be on the safe side, I’ll make the move one site at a time. Perhaps starting with my webapps, who use nothing more than the odd bit of PHP and none of that crispy MySQL goodness. Did I just make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference involving MySQL? I guess I kind of did. Anyways, one site at a time… My server has about 7-800 mb RAM, which is WAY too little for a monster like Apache. Hopefully, this’ll help.

I guess I’ll post some kind of update here later on. Also, I’m thinking about chaning my Wine+uTorrent setup for rTorrent, simply because I can, but that’s another topic for another post.

Strap yourselves in, people. These next few days might be a bit bumpy on the omegarpg server…

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