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AAaaaaaaand done (?)

OK, new webserver Lighttpd in place, old webservser stopped-but-not-scrapped-quite-yet, and all seems well. It was a very easy migration, I must say. The Ubuntu package of Lighttpd performed admirably, setting up 90% of all necessary options for me. I just installed, activated two modules (server status and fastCGI), entered all of my virtual hosts in the config file. That whole project seems stable enough right now, which means I spent all of 3 hours on the project. Including a lot of testing etc, and also I’m doing my laundry at the same time… Cool.

Anyways, for now I’ve sacrificed my Frets on Fire online server, but that’s more or less OK, really – I don’t play much since I got my Guitar Hero guitar anyways.

…and some stats:

Before the change, there were 11 Apache processes running. Afterwards, there are 6 PHP-CGI processes running and one Lighttpd process. The table below should explain everything (all numbers are in mb’s):

Apache: PHP-CGI: Lighttpd: PHP-CGI + Lighttpd:
Virtual memory: 11*33=333mb 6*25=150mb 5,2 155,2
Resident memory: 11*11=121 6*6,6=39,6 5,2 44,8
Virtual Memory: 11*25=225 5,2 280,2
Resident Memory: 11*6,6=72,6 1,9 75,5

…and in case anyone missed the point here, the table clearly (?) shows that my current setup takes all of 44 mb’s of resident memory, while the previous setup ate 121 mb’s. And even if I scaled up the number of PHP-CGI processes used so they mateched the number of processes Apache used, it’s STILL be 75,5 versus 212 mb’s.

I’ve also switched to Dillo for my webbrowsing needs on the server, where i used to use Epiphany, and Top is currently my favorite when it comes to process management, where I used to use gnome-system-monitor.

My next project will be to change from uTorrent via Wine to rTorrent. Then, the only RAM thieves left will be MySQL at 23 mb’s and Linuxdcpp at 51. And yes, Linuxdcpp is absolutely necessary – it’s the only linux client allowed at the hubs I frequent. The alternative would be dc++ via wine, and that’s just not happening. Noone will be happer then me should I be able to switch to DCTC or something…

Anyways, the hunt for more memory continues. Over and out.

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