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My Computers – a short history pt.1

Most of my computers over they years have all been slightly old. As in, I can’t remember ever owning somthing that’s actually state of the art… But anyways, as I wait for the hard drive check on my old computer to finish so I can safely transfer the C and D partitions from my old harddrive to my shiny new *ahem* erh, slightly used but still better SATA drive… I thought I’d begin documenting my computer upgrades etc. I’m a nerd, after all – and it’s nice to have something for posterity.

Anyways, let’s get started. This is more or less archaeology, people. Archaeology of my memory. It’s a shaky science,so don’t expect any stable dating or anything.

The first computer I got for my very own self was a Pentium 133. In fact, I got two of those in short succession – Memory fails regarding their previous owners, but I do remember people elsewhere were sporting shiny new 450 pentiums. The 133’s ran Windows ’98 and did so reasonably well, they had enough RAM for me to have a home-LAN with people playing Starcraft. Good times.

I think I remember getting my dad’s old 233 or 350 Pentium when they got something slightly newer and shinier at some point, and getting rid of one of the 133’s. The other is long since lost in time and space. This was in the old, golden days when HUT was my home and a pretty nice place to hang out.

In 2000, I got my first job. October, I think it was. Something like that. It was just for three months, but it was a paycheck… Wait a minute, this has to have been before the HUT days, for I got that job in 2000,when I lived in a kinda-hippie collective… So I guess I had a 233 or 450 or so when I was living at HUT… Anyways, for my new paycheck I got, of course, a computer. A pretty cheap one. Got it pretty cheap. It was a 1ghz P4, and it still serves me good – it’s the server this here page is served from. Vastly upgraded since then of course, with extra RAM and stuff.

Oh, look at that, the disk scan is done. Time to run, but there’ll be more to this…

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