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Songbird, and my continued search for a music player

Seriously, this is getting old. I just want to find a good player and stick with it. Am I having too high standards? Am I just being picky?

…No. I don’t think it is in any way extraordinary to be able to have multiple watch folders in a music player. Or having the ability to, in a simple way, transfer my music to my mp3 player. Or use multiple genres in my tags.

Songbird, latest version. Looks extremely good, and feels good, too. This GUI I could get used to. But, it won’t find my mp3 player, it doesn’t understand multiple genre tags and it has only one watch folder (even though the config says “Watch folders”, which brings some hope for the future). Other than that, I’m actually kind of impressed that the buggy piece of shit I tested a few months back has actually come this far. It’s even not too shabby starting up, taking only a little more time than Foobar through Wine, which is still my player of choice. That might change, though, and Songbird is currently my top contender. I’ll spend some time tweaking it, seeing if I can somehow make it recognize my mp3 and check the forums to see if there are any plans for real genre support… Might even experiment with multiple genre fields in the id3v2-metadata. Now that would be freaky…

Anyways, color me impressed.

EDIT: Slightly less so, having discovered that Songbird indexes everything. Everything. Including files I just wanted to play one bloody time. Wish there was some way to make it stop…


  1. ROnny ROnny May 27, 2009

    åå va bra, jag ska köpa vingar för pengarna

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