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Tiny script/software idea: A better use for Caps Lock

How many times have you written something in the wrong case? Not just IN CAPS because you happened to touch the much-maligned Caps Lock button, but sometimes you just slip on the Shift button – and sometimes you need to deal with stuff other people have written.

How about this:

When no text is selected, the Caps Lock button works normally. Or it’s set to do nothing, whatever. Noone uses the damn thing anymore anyway.

BUT, when text is selected, each press of the button cycles the selected text in some user-defined fashion. The simplest config would be just CAPS->nocaps (and then back to CAPS). Slightly more sofisticated: CAPS->Sentence->nocaps… Or whatever.

So, for instance, if I selected the following text:


And pressed “Caps Lock”, then it would become:

omg ffs lame a$$ noooooobs

“Sentence case” sould of course be able to simply use periods, question marks etc to see where one sentence ended and another began.

All I need is to find a way to get a Python program to run in the background, take over Caps’ functionality, and manipulate selected text. Heh.

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  1. A Fellow Friend A Fellow Friend April 15, 2013

    I wrote a similiar script for Windows using AutoHotKey, but I never got the uppercase to lowercase working, only lowercase to uppercase.

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