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Category: Software

Nokia n900: First impressions

I’ve been pretty harsh on Apple and their software in recent months. Getting an iPhone was never really an option. It costs like a small computer while not, actually, being one.

So when the time came to get a new phone, I found something else: the Nokia n900. The fact that it’s using Linux and is completely open was the major selling point. It’s got GPS, camera, all that jazz – but to me, the main thing was its openness. It’s got Python, for god’s sake… I once read in a review that this was a phone not for professionals nor for the hip young crowd who wanted gadgets and glitter – this was a phone for engineers and programmers who were bitter because the iPhone was such a closed platform. It’s also been described as being more of a palmtop computer with phone capabilities than a phone with computer capabilities. In other words, it’s perfect for me – a match made in heaven.

Apple – turning computers into cable TV

Apple are doing a lot of great things. I doubt there would be such a push for touchscreen phones if it weren’t for the iPhone, and if OSX hadn’t shown the world that OS’s don’t need to look clunky there would be no sleek Ubuntu or W7; it’d still look like windows 95. I have no doubt that the iPad will work as such a forerunner for tablet PC’s.

The trouble is, Apple’s own devices are just so incredibly locked. They don’t trust the user – they want to protect the user from him – och herself. To me, that’s kind of condescending. I got nothing against simplicity, especially in interfaces – but to jump from there to “All Powerusers Are Bad People” is quite a leap. But OK, their target audience doesn’t include people who like computers, that’s OK… almost.

New phone?

I’ve been thinking about getting a new phone once my current one’s been paid off… I’m on a Telia 18-month plan and it ends in about a month. I’m probably going to stay with Telia; I like their coverage… I was thinking of getting an iPhone, but like you’ve probably noticed, I’m not too happy with the Apple way of doing things. And they’re not very happy with me, either – they’re doing their absolute best to keep me using their hardware, while at the same time telling me, over and over again, that I can’t do the things I want to do. I’m a “power user”, and I’m tired of their condescending crap.

My solution: Looks like I’ll be getting a Nokia N900.